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[10 Feb 2008|02:41am]

everybody gets...exactly what...they want.
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[26 Jan 2005|10:20pm]

The Oscars are coming up and I was reviewing the nominees and I was shocked. I rereviewed it about 4 times and the Magic Bullet Info-Epic Adventure Movie- Merrical wasnt nominated for best picture. I contacted the academy members and complained in this open letter:

Dear Noble Members of the Academy,
I wish to bring it to your attention that the best movie every The Magic Bullet wasnt nominated. This will certainly start a violent riot in the streets of all major cities when annouced. If you wish to avoid complete and total international anarchy please nominate the magic bullet for everything.

Bob Dole
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[26 Dec 2004|11:54pm]

[ mood | burmonistic ]

This community is for the REAL FANS, NO POSUERS ALLOWED. Pretending to love the magic bullet is the only sin UNFORGIVABLE by Jesus, Buddha, and the major Hindu Deities and whatever Jewish people worship ( probally sticks).

Anyways the purpose of this is to:

1) Exchange ways to turn the magic bullet into a weapon cabale of destroying the middle east.
2) Worship Bermuns awesomeness
3) Follow the alien hosts cult
4) Talk about our sexual experiances with the women with red hair and a nightgown on.
5) Talk about how the first magic bullet community sucks
6) Discuss how you should never actually buy the magic buller
7) Discuss hatred towards babies, and most ethic minorities

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