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The REAL EXTREME magic bullet community

not for posers

This Magic Bullet Community is so much better!
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This is the Magic Bullet community for the TRUE MAGIC BULLET FANS. The ones who worship Bermon as their savior and king of the universe, and understand that the host are both alien pirates,jesus,abercrombie,george bush,kerry,nader,popular things, clothes, old navy, blonde hair, God, Christ,
abercrombie, aec, beach, cut paint, cute, george bush, gucci, guitar masturbation, jesus, jim carterface, jumping toast, kerry, large mellons, lip gloss, magic bullet, mascara, mini skirts, nader, nuclear sharpies, pac sun, popular things, sanyo television, shitfaced bob, shooting godizilla, speaker lamps, special olympics, summer, tanning, the ocean